A film by Markus Schleinzer

in general Feature Film
Genre Historic Drama

Produced by Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion and Amour Fou Luxembourg 


Based on true events ANGELO tells the story of an African born man, who was taken by force from his homeland at a very young age in the beginning of the early 18th century.

After surviving the long involuntary journey across the Atlantic, the boy is sold to an European countess who turns him into the object of an educational experiment. For his next owner, a noble duke, ANGELO changes into a costumed story-telling valet, reciting stories about mysterious Africa to entertain an enlightened high-society and even attracts the attention of the emperor.

On the height of his prestigiousness, he falls in love with a young maidservant but inevitably suffers the rejection from the court that has to draw a strict line between racial differences. 

The story will have its beginning in 1720 somewhere in France, and its symbolic end in the turmoil of the October Revolution in Vienna in 1848. 

ANGELO is the story of a man, in a career unsusual for his time, who rose from being object to subject to object again.