A film by Elena Tikhonova

NADJA knows the oligarch IGOR inside out. As his interpreter she has seen more of him than both of them care to admit. But his latest project is a lot more public: a lavish villa, which he has decided to build right on top of a bridge in the heart of Vienna: If the Medici can do that, why not him? But Nadja, her best friend Vera and her nanny Teresa have a sabotage plan.



The Way Things Go

A film by Ulrike Kofler

Alice and Niklas are happy, they lack nothing - but a child. After a few failed invitros, they go on holiday to Elba to leave their wish for a child behind them. Right there, however, everything they tried to repress comes up again. A cheerful Tyrolean family moves directly into the neighboring house and seems to have everything that Alice and Niklas lack in life. Through an unforeseen disaster there is a change in their view of the things and meaning in their lives, in which the most natural thing in the world does not avail.